Log-I-Co: on the road to growth
Samag H.L.: an Italian company on the up

We are well aware that logistics is more than an incidental activity in a country’s economic system. It affects all other sectors: it ‘happens’ in all organisations and is an important part of the production of every good and service. As such, we could say that it is the sector of sectors. This means that when establishing public policies we need to study the best ways to improve it, facilitate it and help it grow.
There is a great need for people who are dedicated to this ‘facilitation’ activity on an ongoing basis, who are able to examine documents of a political-economic nature that are brought to the attention of institutions (be they national, European or international), social partners and civil society.
Today, these human resources are concentrated in the Log-I-Co Association, which focuses not only on logistics but also on other sectors such as trade and industry, to name but a few.
The Log-I-Co association values, protects and supports Italian companies operating in these sectors because it is they who play a central role in the nation’s development.


The result is an association that gives the necessary weight and attention to an industry that has so much to say in the country’s economic and social debate. And it is essential that it is well represented by those who work in logistics, industry and trade in the field on a daily basis.

We are represented on the Steering Committee by:

Claudio Torchia
Tiziano Mauro
Andrea Taccini
Luigi Mozzillo

The values of Log-I-Co: our values

If logistics is about more than transport and warehousing activities, it has a rightful place in policies supporting Italy’s social progress and economic growth.
We are a healthy company forming part of Log-I-Co and embrace its goals, mission and vision. Here at Samag H.L. we are fully committed to sharing values inspired by:












Scientific soundness