Multimodal logistics: the Port of Arbatax has been taken over by Samag Holding Logistics via the terminalista Air Ocean Cargo.

A new investment in the execution of targeted multimodal logistics projects. The plan to complete the entire logistic cycle is on track thanks to an integrated system of transportation services and infrastructures.

We chose controlled Air Ocean Cargo, a forwarder specializing in the management of marine shipments, to later develop the integrated logistics plan with the terminalista activity in the Port of Arbatax. It is a trust that recognizes an important value to AOC, which has grown in 2022 due to its professional and specialist skills. Yes, the operations carried out within the harbour are specialized, complementary, and accessory performances to the cycle of harbour operations, and the admitted services are defined by the harbour authorities.

As a result, Air Ocean Cargo Spa has done what is required to obtain such authorization by submitting a demand for the release of license harbour operations on behalf of third parties.

The geographic positioning’s strategic value inside of the connections in the Mediterranean, as well as the presence of wide docks in which to develop terminal services, were important motivators that pushed us to position ourselves through terminal AOC in the Port of Arbatax. Last but not least, the presence of skilled workers and human resources with experience in port service management and commercial development meant that there were key elements for the hub’s development.

Currently, less than a month after obtaining the license, AOC inside the port of Arbatax provides embarkation/disembarkation services for line ships (Grimaldi Euromed), as well as cargo and stowage of metallic modules from the oil&gas industry (es Saipem Spa).

With AOC, we declare our shared desire to pursue the transportation sector in its various forms in order to support the processes of company efficiency in complementary sectors.

“An interesting operation for the Sardinian harbour system since the implementation of this plan is online with the plans of the Sardinia Region that has allocated of the financings for the development of the Port. We anticipate that the Port of Arbatax will see an increase in goods volumes as a result of the multimodalità’s potential. To us, the operation will allow us to increase the logistic connections in the port and the harbour traffic, but we also hope that these investments will benefit the traffic of people inside the same port, which feeds a good portion of these flows.” – “The airport will be structured, at least for the next four years, as the Group’s hub in the Sardinia Region.” explains Claudio Torchia, Managing Director Samag Holding Logistics and Director of Air Ocean Cargo.

With a consolidated turnover of 305 million euros in 2022 (50 million AOC), over 6,000 direct and indirect personnel, and the management of more than 120 plants covering an area of more than 1 million square meters, the company’s commitment to responsible business is reaffirmed.