Work-related logistics. Unimore scholarship provided by Samag Holding Logistics

There are projects that have the power to change some things in the present, and even more if they are meant to last. Furthermore, the close collaboration with UNIMORE, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, is a synergy aimed specifically at young people that will make a significant contribution to logistics in the future.

The collaboration has resulted in the birth of two projects aimed at logistics with the Department of Engineering Enzo Ferrari – Inter-Departmental Research Center on Safety and Risk Prevention (CRIS).

In fact, an agreement was recently signed that will allow the dissemination of tools to improve logistical culture and research support through a curricular internship and a scholarship funded by us, under the scientific supervision of Prof. Riccardo Melloni.

The scope of this search, titled “Development of participatory methodologies for the improvement of safety in logistic activities” is aimed at improving knowledge in the field of logistics service provision and its dissemination among workers in order to obtain benefits in terms of both safety and operational process management.

The academic internship is already in progress. An engineering student is working on his thesis in Logistics applied to the market, and he has proposed an ambitious plan to us to implement in his elaborated two projects for two different customers. It is an educational experience to learn about the world of work from within, and it completes the teaching plan.

The second project involves the funding of a scholarship, always with the Engineering Department, in which a researcher will collaborate with us on research.

The goal is to specialize by transferring knowledge developed in one context, in this case teaching, to another in order to transform it into skills.

During the curricular internship, the graduate will be supported by a tutor with extensive experience and expertise, such as engineer Vincenzo Zaccara, who will interface directly with project representatives Andrea Taccini and Claudio Torchia, who will then be available to the UNIMORE Engineering Department to contribute to Logistics seminars.

Collaboration of the parties

Unimore is active in the logistics sector, and Samag H.L. is active in recruiting young professionals and assisting them in developing useful skills for future employment. The parties will work together to inform and coordinate activities aimed at achieving common goals and developing joint projects.

The convention provides excellent opportunities to all participants.

For us, it is a “living matter of exchange” with young people who have current scientific knowledge, as well as the opportunity for training and inclusion in organic. The University provides the opportunity to confirm the consistency of the educational paths of the degree courses and the professional opportunities that students seek. For the student/graduate, this is an opportunity to put into practice what it means to create and implement a logistics project, and to determine whether or not this is a career path for him.

Could I work in logistics?

“This is the question young students/graduates should be able to answer at the end of the path that certainly has many purposes but the orientation wins over all thanks to the ability to facilitate direct knowledge of the world of work”. So stated Dr. Andrea Taccini, Commercial Director & Strategic Marketing, who was eager for the agreement with Unimore to be signed. “The search for specialized professional figures is the proof of the increasing attention that the Country system is attributing to the “logistic matter”. It must therefore support the didactic distances because university formation applied to logistics in company will form a type of professionality that will adequately respond to market requirements.So we can rely in the future on logistics managers prepared”.

Other projects are in the works, as we plan to fund scholarships and curricular internships in the future to encourage logistics training.