At Samag H.L., we understand logistics to be an intelligent combination of resources involving many different sectors: from personnel recruitment and selection to the associated training, as well as land, sea and air transport. Underpinning the Holding is a supportive digital infrastructure that guarantees the uniformity of processes and the highest level of security in privacy management.
This is an innovative form of logistics that, when considered as a whole, generates new, additional services. This is the main strength of a Group with great personality and a strong sense of identity, not least thanks to the companies that are part of it.

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Consultancy: advanced logistics

When logistics is done well, it guarantees not only the visibility and traceability of goods, but also the possibility to analyse the customer, propose customised projects, and to be reactive by keeping abreast of market decisions. It is more important than ever that trained people are available to manage advanced logistics operations. Professionals from every single sector must be at the disposal of customers. We offer companies services that are often complementary, as demonstrated by CBS Lavoro and Idia, which help provide easier access to the labour market, training and other forms of skills development. These increasingly specific needs require support to cope with the changes, which have also been driven by the digital transformation. It is Samag Tech that offers us the best technological solutions to provide the appropriate digital support for our own and our customers’ growth.

Customer Solution Center

Search for specialised personnel

Skills mapping

Internal training

Digital education and support

Workflow organisation

Cost and budget analysis

Driving all sectors: integrated logistics

Any growth logic calls for logistics, a mix of solutions that brings organisational and production benefits to companies. The logic is actually very simple: the more the importance of logistics increases on a global scale, the
more we develop services to complement market demand. The activities, which on request can be carried out either at the customers’ premises or at our facilities (with complete outsourcing), include the complete management of thewarehouses (internal handling, loading and unloading, picking, quality and quantity controls, etc.).

In either case, everything is organised with vehicles and specialised personnel selected directly by us. We have a great talent for creating synergies and arranging resources for different activities. We understand the inner workings of logistics and, thanks to this knowledge, we are able to interpret the needs of companies and quickly put in place logistical arrangements that are aligned with the changes taking place. Logistics is the service that makes all the difference

Inbound logistics

Internal logistics

Distribution logistics

Return or reverse logistics

By road, by sea, by air: distribution logistics

Transport is an activity that requires in-depth knowledge of both the product being handled and the customers and their needs. In the Samag H.L. universe, distribution has its own distinct identity shaped by the changes taking place in markets where, on the consumer/end user front, demands are shifting towards light transport (which requires more widespread distribution).

In terms of production, a common concern for companies is the need to reduce lead times, i.e. the release time from production to consumption. In this distribution chain, it is clear that the greater the number of actors involved, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a high standard. In order to ensure the optimal functioning of the logistics chain, we have opted to fully integrate transport services within the Holding company. And the result? An expertly coordinated operation.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Food, Food (0°-4°), Food (-25°)

Fruit and vegetables, Automotive, Home

Perfumery, Chemical, Fashion

Industrial, Hi-tech

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