A network to standardise operational efficiency and logistical organisation

The Strategy Network consists of a group of companies committed to using a system of common procedures and rules through which they implement the Network Programme. By respecting the principles and criteria laid down in the Contract itself, the Network Programme allows all the objectives to be attained and all the benefits of the network to be utilised. In the Strategy Network, each company adhering to the contract is naturally positioned based on its own areas of expertise. It is by being positioned in the correct place that all companies are able to operate to their full potential. The advantage of this network of businesses lies in the fact that it is possible to combine entrepreneurial independence and autonomy with the exchange of resources and know-how. By entering into the Network Contract, the member companies have created an entity without an autonomous legal personality. In this context, Samag Holding Logistics SpA, in its capacity as Common Body, acts as coordinator and supervisor.


All resources, including those allocated to the various premises, are also coordinated according to the rules that the companies in the network have agreed to; as previously explained, coordination optimises the operational efficiency of each company through the placement and relocation of resources at the premises managed by the individual companies. The harmonised organisational framework is what makes all the difference.
In terms of strategy, the Network studies and researches the optimal conditions of success for each company and identifies, based on the specific attributes of each company, the best ways to contain costs, adapt to customer demands, and achieve operational efficiency in compliance with the quality standards required by customers and the market.

The ability to combine resources

It is thanks to the network of companies that powerful synergies can be established and all difficulties can be overcome, including those related to the placement of personnel. The highly specialised workforce is able to meet the needs of each project, and employee transfers from one facility to another – through the mechanism of joint employership – take place with absolute transparency in compliance with the regulations in force (Article 30, paragraph 4 ter of Legislative Decree no. 276/2003). Through the Strategy Network it is possible to:
improve the operational efficiency and logistical organisation of member companies, including through processes progressively aimed at their growth;
improve the training and economic security of employees within the Network, increasing the Network’s flexibility in the division of labour and safeguarding jobs to the greatest extent possible;
develop the knowledge and practices of individual participants, including advanced tasks such as design, preventive and final order analysis, by sharing experiences;
formalise and strengthen internal management and control activities with the ultimate goal of standardising the quality of service offered by participating companies;
jointly implement investigation and research activities geared towards the development of programmes (including software) to be applied in the field of integrated logistics.
The secondment of employees by means of joint employership allows the labour services of one or more employees to be used by one or more employers, solely and exclusively thanks to the existence of the Network. The method of recruitment – and thus of hiring and managing the employment relationship – is to be determined by the network contract.
The Strategy Network Company contract is certified by the Marco Biagi Foundation, one of the most well-respected Italian certifying bodies in the field of labour law.