Day-to-day logistics management is our business.
We provide technical advice to establish collaborative partnerships that deliver results and minimise costs.
We identify companies’ strengths to help them successfully compete in the market using integrated logistics.
We manage new sales channels by quickly implementing transport solutions tailored to the changes taking place.

What distinguishes us from other logistics service providers?

Holding Companies! Partners with similar but complementary resources in terms of strategy and target market.
Complementary, interdisciplinary, aligned. Subsidiaries contribute greatly to the Group’s growth by improving our profile in terms of the following:

Financial soundness

We are able to meet our current financial obligations and, more importantly, to make long-term investments


We help companies adapt to the changes they face to ensure that their production processes are as efficient as ever

Geographical expansion

We pinpoint strategic market locations at the right time. Logistics is universal and, because of this, it is important to continually review location choices

A guiding light in the world of logistics

How can we be sure we’re working with the right people? Because we have an in-house employment agency that can adapt to the flexibility required by logistical processes. CBS Lavoro has insider knowledge of logistical processes and is able to use this knowledge to analyse labour demand and identify the most in-demand job profiles.

Samag Group’s proficiency in IT

Samag Tech operates in the fields of Information Technology, software development and applications for managing workflows and methodologies. The team is able to provide the Holding Company with the experience, technology and advice to offer the best strategic and digital support for the Group's expansion.

Holding Company Training starts here

There is a mutual understanding between employer and employee regarding the right and duty to stay up-to-date and aligned with the skills required by the market. Access to opportunities and the creation of conditions to put them into practice is entrusted to Idia, which sees training as a form of self-care and a means to develop one's personal skills.

Inspired by a tailor-made shipping model

Logistics management is moving towards an integrated approach, which is an integral feature of the Holding Company. This complementarity is the core principal of Air Ocean Cargo, an IATA-certified company operating in maritime and air freight forwarding. The market demands an international, yet detail-oriented approach to organisation.

Product sector
Turnover by customer type

rely on us

Claudio Torchia

General Manager Samag Holding Logistics

Why rely on a supplier when you can choose a partner? The real difference lies in the timescale.

A structure like ours proves to be the winning choice. Claudio Torchia evaluates all the aspects that could be improved in the long run through a partnership project.

Fabrizio Savio

CBS Sales Manager Jobs

There is an epochal change in the world of work.

On the one hand, APLs can create great opportunities to bridge the gap between skills required by the labor market and actual skills, on the other hand, companies can help bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Lamberto Righi

Board Member Samag Holding Logistics

Over the past two years, logistics has been the focus of attention and strategy development by all companies.

In this perspective, the need emerged to focus on one's core business and thus ensure that energy and resources are not wasted.

Ivan Razzetti

Head of Transport Division Samag Holding Logistics

The way the transport world moves is changing to adapt to the evolution of freight mobility. There is an offer on the market that does not always meet the standards of quality.

They expect incentives and policies that will favour a sector that is fundamental for the development of the economy.

Thomas Barbieri

Training Manager Idia

Legal obligations, training, access to funds, safety and shared responsibility to promote cultural change.

Human resources remain an important focus of Enterprise 4.0, but it is still important to bring new talent into the company and invest in their development.

Luigi Mozzillo

Watch the interview

Technology has had a major impact on the logistics segment.

Add to this the effects of the pandemic and you can understand why focusing on the efficient use of resources has become a priority for many companies. Luigi Mozzillo’s contribution.

Anerina Taglia

Area Manager CBS Lavoro

Finding the right person for the right job in the right company.

CBS Lavoro provides skilled workers for any task. A person’s strengths lie in their educational and personal background: logistics requires human qualities that complement and build upon professional ones.

Grazia Carfagno

Training Manager Idia

Training allows people to fully immerse themselves in their work processes.

Grazia Carfagno outlines the main ways to support human capital in the acquisition of new skills.

Riccardo Vanni

Administrative Manager Cedica

How quickly can I get manufactured goods to consumers? In what condition? With what degree of flexibility? Are you dealing with one of these challenges?

Riccardo Vanni discusses the transition from standard logistics to logistics on a global scale.

Andrea Taccini

Member of the Board of Directors
Sales Director & Strategic Marketing Director of the Group

Experience in customer management in new sales channels.

Home delivery is now a permanent feature of offline channels. Sticking to the more traditional platforms will no longer cut it, and the more forward-looking players have known this for quite some time.

Companies in the Italian system must be recognised, protected and supported. Especially in the logistics, industrial and trade sectors. This is the mission of Log-I-Co. Members of the Association are also able to deal directly with central issues for the development of the country.
We are part of a Network Contract called ‘Strategy’, an organisational model that allows services and know-how to be shared for the benefit of all member companies. In the Strategy Network, each company is naturally positioned according to its own areas of expertise. This means that each company is rightfully placed based on its own potential