From aspiration to reality. The approach of Samag Holding: more than logistics, Supply Chain Management

What is contained within the logistics? What happens behind the market’s scenes?

The logistics and transportation industries have undergone significant transformations in recent years. Even with all of the warning signs, the challenges were presented to us with a sense of urgency. We had to seize them. However, understanding and reading change did not leave us unprepared to interpret what would become opportunities.

As a result, the pandemic, which we regard as a watershed moment in the “logistical phenomenon” that erupted during the lockdown, found us with a solid structure in place. That scaffold, which was built from the first handling and warehouse operations with CBS Gestioni, would have supported the assets that the Holding now stands on: people, resources, technologies, activities, and third parties. We are already beyond logistics with these assets.

There is a much more pervasive mechanism that governs it and it is certainly not made only by the product that needs to be “managed and transported”. As a result, we must shift our perspective.

Logistics is a component of a larger process that includes it: the supply chain. To distinguish between container and content, we use two adjectives that better describe their mutual necessity: logistics is linear, and the supply chain is transversal and includes it. Samag H.L.

The Holding is similar to a true “craft industry,” in that you build and coordinate the service from start to finish. And it was precisely at this point that we found ourselves prepared. In the world of logistics, there is a significant difference between who controls the logistic process from start to finish and who is a part of it. We can. However, it was necessary to identify the skills required to bring us in house, integrate them into the Holding while leaving them autonomous.

So far, the challenge has been to show how individual companies can offer their undeniable qualities, each from their own unique perspective. Everything changes when you change your perspective.

In 2023, we will have reached a critical juncture

We want to give consistency to the supply chain by strengthening the flows that govern it: the flow of product, in fact, the flow of information, and the flow of money.

Because logistics allows for the proper management of goods flows, the multidimensional approach that the market requires today is realized in the Supply Chain, which includes people, resources, technologies, activities, and third parties. First and foremost, the consumer demands it. This is required by the retailer, wholesaler, supplier, manufacturer, manufacturer’s supplier, and so on until we reach the top of the pyramid that depicts the logistics flow that we control from start to finish.